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Kilopost Layout Room Volume 2

Posted in Tomix, Tomix Track by jtrains on March 29, 2009

This is the second volume in the new series of publications by Tomix. These are reprints of the Layout Room articles found towards the back of Kilopost magazines.

Kilopost Layout Room Volume 2

Kilopost Layout Room Volume 2

Volume 2 covers articles previously published between 1996 and 2004.

Again, the usual disclosures on Japanese publications. All text is in Japanese. Track diagrams can be read to see which pieces are being used. You will see product numbers in the Japanese text and generally be able figure out which Tomix products are being used to build the scene. And, of course, the pictures are great source of knowledge and inspiration!

While Volume 1 had a rural feel to the projects it covered, Volume 2 has a more urban feel as two of three stations are very urban scenes.

You will find two structure plans suitable for scratch building. One is a switch man’s shanty shed and the other is for a simple bus garage similar to Tsugawa’s current bus garage. In Volume 1 a similar structure was used as a rural fire station. Dimensions for these plans are give in millimeters.

This issue has three station plans: the first a rural station with side platforms, a two track urban station with island platforms and an urban junction with a four track station over a two track station on the diagonal. All three of these stations were intended to be built on two layout boards,

There is a wealth of modeling ideas that are new to me. Using the Tomix 4015 Corner Shops to send streets off on an angle, a sight often seen around train stations in Japanese cities. Or fitting a Tomix 4063 Lawson Convenience store into the ground floor of a Tomix 4020 Mid Size office building. Or modifying Tomix 4008 shops into restaurants by simulating a wooden front.

Probably the best idea is two Tomix 4018 Office Towers back to back with a second floor courtyard between those buildings and another Tomix 4018 converted into a parking garage. There are also two different station forecourt treatments presented both providing lots of space for displaying buses, cars and trucks.

The language barrier does make it difficult to follow exactly how the models were created, but any modeler with some basic experience should find this volume helpful. All in all a very interesting and useful volume that has new ideas popping into my head.

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